All entries to the Curious Minds Awards must cover criteria from the five steps outlined on this page:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Maths
  • STEM Show and Tell

We recommend dividing the steps out between classes to share the workload.

Step 1: Science

For step 1, we need to see that your learners are engaging in science activities in school, outdoors or online.

The four curriculum strands in step 1 are:

  • Living things
  • Energy and forces
  • Materials
  • Environmental awareness and care

You may come up with your own activity ideas or use existing resources. Check out our Teacher Resources page and ESERO resources for inspiration.

Step 2: Technology

For step 2, we need to see that your learners are using technology in school work, specifically information communications technologies (ICT), coding, robotics.

Step 3: Engineering

For step 3, we need to see how your learners investigate engineering in the classroom, your local area and beyond.

Step 4: Maths

For step 4, we need to see how your learners apply their maths knowledge and skills in practical ways.

Step 5: STEM Show and Tell

For step 5, we need to see how your learners present their STEM work outside their class. This is a requirement for all awards.

Awards criteria

For a brief overview of the Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards, check out our Awards Levels page.

Continue reading to learn exactly what you will need to provide when you submit an entry for any of our awards.