Education and Public Engagement Framework and Impact

This guidance document has been prepared primarily to provide you with an overview of SFI’s vision and expectations for Education and Public Engagement (EPE) within large-scale research awards such as SFI Research Centres and Strategic Partnerships.

Guidance Document

To assist you in planning your EPE activities, we've broken the process down into eight sections:

This section sets out why EPE is a core objective of SFI large-scale research awards and summarises the main aims of EPE activities. 

Section 1

This section sets out SFI’s Vision and Mission for EPE in large-scale research awards.

Section 2

This section sets out SFI’s expectations regarding fostering a culture of EPE, engagement with stakeholders, types of EPE activities, features of effective public engagement and approaches to effective public engagement, funding EPE activities and leadership roles.   

Section 3

This figure illustrates the range of type and depth of EPE activities.

Section 4

This section sets out the approach taken to reviewing EPE activities during site reviews of large-scale awards.  It also sets out planning and reporting requirements. 

Section 5

This section sets out a glossary of commonly used terms in EPE and a suggested approach to developing a logic model.

Section 6

This section sets out sample criteria used by, and sample guidance provided to, reviewers in relation to site visits.

Appendix 1

This section sets out the current EPE KPI which is used to quantitatively evaluate EPE activities on an annual basis.  This KPI is reviewed periodically and is subject to change; however, this is the current format in place for large-scale awards. 

Appendix 2