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Featured Events

Virtual Science Shows

Our popular Science Week shows will be available online this year! We have a huge range of shows available, from quizzes to workshops, on a variety of topics. Our shows cater to a variety of audiences including primary schools, secondary schools and family audiences. These shows will be available throughout the week, ending with a family day on Saturday 14th November.

Register for our shows here: SFI Eventbrite

Aspire with Abbott

ASPIRE with ABBOTT in association with Science Foundation Ireland, takes place on November 12th in association with Science Week 2020. The live conference will run from 10am to 5pm and include a host of well-known personalities and inspiring STEM advocates including Dr Niamh Shaw, Gaming Engineer Brenda Romero, Future of Work Expert Peter Cosgrove, Health and Nutrition Expert Daniel Davey and many more

This virtual STEM conference will give you a unique experience and help you connect with fascinating experts from the world of STEM to learn about the exciting careers available in the field.

In addition to the talks and presentations, ASPIRE with ABBOTT also has a virtual exhibition hall. Here you can visit some of our interesting STEM partners and download valuable free resources to help you explore and understand more about the future of STEM.

The Mirror Trap

An online immersive experience about quantum physics and psychology.

The Mirror Trap is a short headphone play/experience/installation/horror story about psychology and quantum physics.

Previous audience members have described it as "weird", "trippy", "deeply unsettling" and "terribly sad". It is quite meditative in tone, so don't expect any jump scares. Some viewers may find some of the content triggering.

After the show, its creator, Simon Watt, will be joined by special guests to discuss what you have experienced.

Free tickets for the Mirror Trap can be booked here: Mirror Trap Tickets

Now in its 25th year, Science Week 2020 will take place from November 8th to 15th against a societal backdrop never previously experienced in our lifetime. Now, more than ever, we have turned to the information science provides to guide our decisions.  

The Science Week community are busy transforming exciting Science Week activities to brand new digital, virtual, and blended formats.   

The core theme for Science Week 2020 is ‘Science Week - Choosing our Future’ focusing on how science can improve our lives in the future, and in the present. This will explore how science can help us to make positive choices that will impact the environment, our health, and our quality of life. Changes based in scientific evidence that we make today can hugely improve our future life, but also right now. The subject matter is broad and will incorporate topics such as the future of work, the future of health and wellbeing and how we will all live in a world where we have had to mitigate and adapt to the challenges facing society. Climate change has not gone away, and now society has had to unite and face the coronavirus disease, COVID-19. Throughout Science Week there will be a variety of ways for you to get involved through events, interviews, social media and much more. You can also use and follow #BelieveInScience online.

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Science Week Ireland is a week-long event in Ireland each November, celebrating science in our everyday lives. The Science Week programme includes workshops, science shows, talks, laboratory demonstrations, science walks and other science-related events. It is a collaboration of events involving industry, colleges, schools, libraries, teachers, researchers and students throughout Ireland. In 2020, Science Week will have a number of regional festivals offering a range of opportunities for the public to engage with STEM in across Ireland.