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How to get Started

The Curious Minds Awards give you and your school the chance to not only develop STEM learning and engagement, but also receive recognition for your amazing work.

Follow these simple steps to submit your first entry to our Curious Minds Awards.


1. Register

The first step, before applying, is to register your school with us.

Register your school

2. Choose your Award

Next, have a look at the Award Levels page to choose which level of Award is most suitable for your school.

We recommend the Silver Award as a great choice for first time entrants.

Awards levels

3. Review the Criteria

Have a look at the Steps to an Award page to learn about how the Award is divided into five steps, and the criteria for each step.

Steps to an Award

4. Create a Plan

Plan the activities you will roll out to your classes. Check the criteria and ensure you cover everything you need for the award you want to apply for.

Assign different tasks to different classes - Remember if each class meets one or two of the criteria, the load is shared.


5. Do the Work

It's time to start running your STEM activities!

If you need inspiration for classroom activities, have a look at our Teacher Resources page for some ideas.

If you're looking for more informal STEM engagement ideas, reach our to an SFI Discover Centre in your area and see how they can help.

Find a Discover Centre

6. Record your Progress

Remember to take photos or videos of each activity. This can be used for your log of evidence. Photos can tell as much as, or more than, longer written accounts.

We recommend creating a shared digital folder so teachers can upload their footage in one place.

Your log of evidence must be presented using the relevant SFI Curious Minds Log of Evidence Template.

Log of evidence

7. Apply for an Award

Assign one member of staff to compile your log of evidence and submit your entry.

Submit your entry

Our Curious Minds team are always here to support you. If you have any questions, please email us at