Each year, the Irish Government spends a significant amount of public funds on scientific research, training and development. As with all public spending, it is both desirable and necessary to show value for money and, within this, demonstrate and articulate the impact and benefits of investing in scientific research. As Ireland’s scientific infrastructure and capacity matures, there is an even greater focus on demonstrating the economic, societal and other benefits of publicly-funded scientific research to the wider society.

In support of delivering impact from the state’s investment, SFI published its strategy document, Shaping Our Future, which sets out a vision in which Ireland, by 2025, is a Global Innovation Leader in scientific and engineering research for the advancement of Ireland’s economy and society.

In line with other international funding agencies, SFI has adopted the following definition of Impact, recognising it as the “the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy” [1]

Further insights into SFI’s impact framework and the objectives of SFI’s impact assessment can be found below.

Guidance in relation to preparing an impact statement, how metrics and narrative in support of impact are reported on and reviewed by SFI, and other useful links are provided below: