SFI policies and guidance documentation related specifically to the SFI funded Research Centres are outlined below:

SFI-funded Research Centres have specific reporting requirements, links to which are provided below.

For researchers involved in Research Centres who also hold other SFI awards, specific reporting requirements may apply.

Please note that SFI Research Centre Snapshots will also be solicited by SFI periodically via email.

SFI Research Centres are required to provide monthly updates on industry collaborative research agreements (CRA). From January 2017 onwards any updates to CRAs must be made directly on SESAME.  

Under the conditions of funding provided by SFI to the Research Centres, the Research Centres undergo progress reviews every two years. The purpose of the 2-yr progress review is to gather expert scientific and impact evaluations from appropriate reviewers so that the Foundation can gather information relating to the progress on the Research Centre and make an informed decision if required in relation to either research redirection, budgetary adjustments or award termination. For Research Centres, failure to meet the required industry cost‐share or milestones respectively, may have implications for continued funding.

Please also refer to general SFI Policies and Guidance which also apply to Research Centre awards. These cover areas such as intellectual property (IP), research integrity, scientific reproducibility, research using human embryonic stem cells, sabbatical leave etc.