Whole staff CPD workshops are now available as part of the SFI Discover Primary Science & Maths (DPSM) programme and the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO Ireland). Workshops will be available face-to-face in your school or live online through Zoom. As places are limited to 100 schools for 2021/22, please ensure that you have read all of the details below carefully and are able to fully commit to the CPD programme before registering your school.

This initiative supports the enhancing of teacher capacity as outlined in Pillar 2 of the STEM Education Policy Statement.

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New! CPD Workshops 2021/22

Our free CPD workshops will cover a wide range of topics across three sessions.

Workshop 1: Birds, Trees, Bees and Seasons

Topic - Biodiversity

Workshop 2: Investigating Hot & Cold

Topic - Insulation and Materials

Workshop 3: Journey into Space

Topic - Rockets and Space Travel

Following the workshops, participate in the programme evaluation and the SFI Discover Science and Maths Awards.

Places will be allocated on first come first served basis to schools who can commit to the full requirements.

Please fill in the registration form and we will contact successful schools to arrange the date of the first workshop date. We will assign one of our trained DPSM facilitators to your school. Dates for workshops 2 and 3 can be arranged directly with your assigned facilitator.

Resources and Support available at the CPD Sessions

  • Hands-on school-based workshops (3 x 2 hours which are done as part of your planning day or your Croke Park hours).
  • Professional development and support for effective and engaging Science teaching. Dedicated websites, such as this one and www.esero.ie, providing access to hundreds of science activities and classroom ideas.
  • Explanations of how these activities link to the curriculum and skills.
  • Access to a network of Discover Centres offering approved Science and Maths tours to schools.
  • The school must participate in the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science & Maths Awards to see how they can apply the learning.
  • Teachers should be prepared to apply what they are learning from each session and report back at subsequent CPD workshops.
  • Teachers will be asked to provide feedback and may be asked to participate in focus groups as part of our ongoing evaluation process.

The DPSM programme facilitates CPD in primary science by providing teachers with a Framework and planning tool for teaching. This is achieved through inquiry-based learning and using resources and classroom activity packs which can also be used by parents and students.

This high impact CPD from DPSM/ESERO can help your school to:

  • Build teacher confidence and subject knowledge to effectively teach science through inquiry
  • Ignite pupils’ spirit of inquiry through high quality science teaching
  • Create a buzz about science throughout the whole school
  • Understand the relevance of and be able to use different topics, including Space, as a cross curricular theme in your planning and teaching.

Our workshops have been optimised for participation across digital platforms whilst maintaining a high-quality, interactive learning experience. Workshops can be carried out completely online or using a blended approach, depending on the needs of your school. .

DPSM partners with the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) and space themes are incorporated throughout the workshops. Three unique topics are explored and applied across each workshop to further your confidence in using our tried and tested methods to teach any subject.


*Source: Evaluation of the impact of DPSM/ESERO CPD Programme (with the assistance of St. Patrick’s College, DCU and the National STEM Centre, UK) shows that this CPD is having a positive impact on teachers’ practice and confidence in teaching Science.


Transform science teaching in your school!


“I found this course really beneficial. I liked how practical and easy to implement the ideas were. I also really liked how inexpensive the resources for the experiments are.”

“I was nervous about teaching science before I did this course, but I can’t wait to let the children investigate and work together- all I need to do is give them the resources.”

“The course proved invaluable to our school as it helped us to focus our school policy on science in a way that we efficiently covered all the strands across the science curriculum. We were inspected in our teaching of science during these workshops and our participation stood to us very well.”


"It showed us how to do science; they made it simple, straight forward and fun"

"They were well prepared, receptive to questions and incredibility enthusiastic and informative"

One year after participating in the CPD, teachers stated:

“The children are confident to use what they already know in order to attempt to problem solve”

“They have become much better at testing and ensuring a fair test where possible”

“They’re better at group work – working as a team”