Registration for 2018/2019 now open

You have until the 15th March 2019 to register your school’s intention to apply for an SFI Discover Science & Maths Award. This is to give us an indication of how many schools will be participating in the programme for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Please click below to register your school today:

If you have registered your intention to apply for an SFI Discover Science & Maths Award for 2018/2019, you will receive a link to the application form by email, along with your 2018/2019 Award number, shortly after registration closes on 15th of March 2019. 

Please email if you have registered but have not received your 2018/2019 Award number by 1st April 2019.

This year, all application forms must be completed using Science Foundation Ireland’s online system (SESAME), which will require electronic approval from your principal before your final Award application can be submitted to Science Foundation Ireland.

In trying to do our bit for the planet, we would encourage schools to consider preparing a digital log of evidence rather than a hard copy. There are many fun ways to do this including creating a school blog or webpage or using programmes such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Word etc. to capture the children engaging in hands-on science investigations in school (indoors or outdoors). Your supporting URLs/documents/images etc. can then be uploaded to SESAME along with your application form.

Please note that although we will still accept hard copies of your Log of Evidence, your accompanying 2018/2019 application form MUST be completed online. Please note that Logs of Evidence will NOT be accepted by email.

Your Log of Evidence should provide testimony to the DPSM adjudicators that the school has met all the criteria for the Awards. You may wish to keep a copy of ALL your school’s STEM work for your school records or to show parents. However, we only need to see that each of the five steps has been completed and we will return the Log of Evidence to your school once we have completed our assessment.

All Logs of Evidence (print and digital) should have each of the five steps (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and STEM Showcase) clearly labelled, and include a separate section for each step.

The closing date for receipt of Log of Evidence and Application Form is Friday 3rd of May 2019 at 1pm. Only applications with a valid 2018/2019 Award number and application form will be accepted. Please note that there will be no opportunity to provide additional material after your submission has been received.