What is a log?

Logs are simply evidence that the STEM work described in your application has been carried out. Your log should provide only the evidence that the judging panel needs to demonstrate that your school meets all the criteria required.

Logs should be divided and marked clearly into sections as per each Step of the Awards. They should include evidence of the children’s work. Logs of evidence can also be submitted in a digital format!

Top tips for compiling your Log of Evidence


  • Download and read the Award guidelines and use the toolkits
  • Save the planet – submit a digital log! Links to Blogs/websites and Digital Logs of Evidence created using programmes such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint or other similar programmes saved in PDF format can be uploaded directly to the Awards online application system.
  • Include evidence of children’s work (photo’s, videos, scans of written accounts)
  • Break your log into 5 clear sections, one for each step
  • Clearly label each piece of evidence, so that it’s clear which step and activity it corresponds with.
  • Check you have provided evidence of each activity that you are including on your application form, so you can be given credit accordingly


  • Submit unlabelled evidence
  • Use the same activity for two steps, you will not be given credit twice for the same thing (with the exception of STEP 4, Maths where you can use examples of how the children have applied their maths knowledge and skills in practical ways, while completing other steps).
  • Say that the children completed activities without including supporting evidence (children’s work). Teacher’s written accounts of STEM work alone do not suffice.
  • Include additional material that does not relate to the work described on your application form. While we celebrate your effort, we don’t need to see everything the school has done – just evidence that each criterion has been met.