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The SFI Discover Primary Science and Maths Programme commissioned five artists, each paired with an SFI Research Centre, to create an artwork which interprets a scientific concept. The final artworks include a wide range of art mediums on diverse scientific topics and are informed by the expertise of both the researchers and the artist in their respective fields. The five artworks interpret their concepts in a variety of exciting ways. The artworks are informed by research but are not required to be purely explanatory in nature. They aim to inspire and engage primary school students, and the public, with research. Learn more about each of the artworks, artists and researchers below.

STEAM Art Collaboration Programme

Download our virtual exhibition programme. This can be used to guide you through our 3D exhibition space or just to check out the artworks available and the artists and researchers behind the collaboration.

SFI STEAM Art Collaboration Exhibition Programme

3D Virtual Exhibition

Check out our 3D virtual exhibition space housed on Kunstmatrix to see the five artworks in a virtual gallery setting. Here you can browse the full collection, delving into the fields of STEM and art and the power of collaborations and creating together.

3D Virtual Exhibition Space

Primary School Resources

Check out our STEAM resources booklet for 5 creative educational activities corresponding to each of the five artworks, created in collaboration with the research centres and artists. These activities can be done in the classroom or at home and will count towards your Discover Primary Science and Maths Award.

STEAM Art Collaboration Primary School Resources

Contact the Team

For more information, please get in touch with the DPSM team at or visit for more about the Discover Primary Science and Maths programme which includes free resources and STEM CPD for Teachers along with info. on the Discover Primary Science and Maths Awards. These resources can be used as activities towards your DPSM Awards application.