Update November 2020

Owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges faced by industry, SFI is  continuing to work on reviewing and updating the SFI Industry Fellowship programme.

We now anticipate that the revised programme will open for applications in Q1 of 2021.

The SFI Industry Fellowship programme has proven to be a successful programme over the last number of years, with interest in the programme growing year on year, and it remains a priority for SFI investment.

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is pleased to launch the Industry Fellowship Programme 2019 to develop and support industry-academia research partnerships. The purpose of the Industry Fellowship Programme 2019 is to enhance industry-academia collaborations through the funding of collaborative industry-academia research projects, and to stimulate excellence through knowledge exchange and training of engineers and scientists. Both aims will be pursued by the Industry Fellowship Programme through the temporary placement of academic researchers in industry, and of industry researchers in academia. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply to the Industry Fellowship Programme.


Fellowships can have a duration of between 1 and 12 months if full-time, and between 2 and 24 months if part-time. The maximum Industry Fellowship award amount is €100,000 direct costs. Please refer to the updated 2019 Programme Call Document for further details.

Finding a partner

A LinkedIn group called SFI Industry Fellowship Programme has been set up by SFI to facilitate networking between industry and academic researchers. Companies are encouraged to make their interest known to the academic community, and/or to advertise specific research opportunities, by posting on this 900+ members group’s page. Academic researchers are encouraged to engage with relevant companies. Several companies have already published an advertisement and got a response–join the group today!

The SFI researcher database and the KTI Expert database list potential academic research partners. Postdoctoral Researchers do not appear in these databases – companies can identify the appropriate team leader from the database and contact them to discuss whether there are eligible researchers in their group (faculty and/or postdoctoral researchers). The Research Offices of the Irish academic and research institutions may also assist companies in identifying prospective academic partners.

Note: Prior to commencing your search for a Partner, please refer to the Industry Fellowship Programme Call Document in order to understand the eligibility criteria associated with the Programme. Academic and Industry researchers should jointly prepare an application. The Academic researcher will submit the application to SFI via SESAME, SFI’s grants and awards management system.

For general queries, including eligibility queries, applicants are advised to contact the Research Office of the Research Body to whom they intend to submit their application. For additional information or clarification, contact industry.fellowship@sfi.ie.

Gender Strategy

SFI is committed to increasing the number of SFI grants held by female researchers, as described in its Gender Strategy. Towards achieving this goal, the SFI Industry Fellowship will provide additional supports for excellent female researchers to secure funding. When ranking applications, in the event of applications receiving the same final score when evaluated for their quality, SFI will give priority in the review process to applications from female candidates. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply to this funding call.

Key dates

The deadline for application for the 2019 Industry Fellowship Programme is 13:00 (Dublin local time) on the 28 August 2019.

A webinar will be held at 2pm on 19 June 2019. Please register here to attend.


How to apply


All proposals are to be submitted via SESAME, SFI’s online grants and awards management system. SESAME will be accessible online for this call starting from 10 June 2019. If accessing SESAME for the first time, researchers should contact their local Research Office to get access to the system.

For more information, view the SESAME User Guides or read the SESAME Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Please note that SFI expects a high volume of applications to be submitted to this programme, and has limited SESAME helpdesk resources. To avoid any delays in submission, researchers should familiarise themselves with the SESAME system and online help resources provided well in advance of the SFI and institutional internal call deadlines.

Queries relating to SESAME which are not answered in the SESAME FAQ document referred to above should first be directed to your Research Body’s Research Office. If still unresolved, queries should be e-mailed to sesame@sfi.ie. Please be aware that the response time for queries may be up to 5 working days.