Science Foundation Ireland is pleased to launch the Science Foundation Ireland Fellowship Programme. This programme aims to provide successful candidates with the opportunity to develop their career through experiencing first-hand, the diversity of activities carried out by a funding agency.

Science Foundation Ireland is keen to be part of a framework that can enable researchers to seek and secure diverse career opportunities in areas such as industry, research funding and administration, public administration and Government affairs. For those individuals interested in these types of careers, the Fellowship Programme will provide an opportunity to develop key skills which may assist them in securing these types of roles.  For research office staff, Science Foundation Ireland offers the opportunity for Research Bodies to learn more about the administration of research funding.

Science Foundation Ireland’s Fellowship will be making awards to suitable candidates who wish to gain experience in a number of areas across the organisation. These awards are for a period of up to 3 years and afford a great opportunity to the holder to gain some experience of working in a research funding organisation.  In addition to the experience gained through the Programme there is also a comprehensive training plan for all Fellows and successful Fellows will be assigned a mentor upon joining Science Foundation Ireland.

We are currently seeking Fellows for the following teams:

Clarification on SFI Fellowship Programme Call

Please note that candidates currently working in an eligible research body can apply for a place on the SFI Fellowship Programme.


Science Foundation Ireland reserves the right to make amendments to the documents if required. Please ensure that you are referring to the most recent version of the Call document and FAQs. Research Offices will be contacted in the event of any updates to the call document.

How to apply

As detailed in the Science Foundation Ireland Fellowship Programme call, all applications are to be submitted to Holly Anderson via email to The closing date for applications is 7th January 2020. For Programme related queries please contact

Please note that this webpage relates to the Science Foundation Ireland Fellowship Programme, providing the opportunity for candidates to spend time working in Science Foundation Ireland. View here for details of the SFI Industry Fellowship Programme which funds the bi-directional movement of academic and industry researchers.