QuantERA answers the growing need for collaborative endeavours and common funding framework for QT research, which - due to its highly interdisciplinary nature – often cannot be provided by an individual organisation or a state. Through a coordinated allocation of resources, QuantERA ameliorates the problem of fragmentation of regional and national efforts, encouraging transnational collaborations and leveraging Europe’s competitive advantage. The joint calls for proposals for international research teams operating in QuantERA partner countries provide much needed synergies.

For call information please visit the QuantERA website


Total funding for Irish applicants funded through SFI: Up to 300 k€ for a coordinating Irish-based partner and up to €200 k€ for a non-coordinating partner.

Quantera II will involve participation from 35 Funding Agencies across 28 countries with a total funding allocation of €40 million.

Key dates

  • EoI submission deadline to SFI*: 30th April 2021 at 13:00 (Dublin time)
  • Pre-proposal submission deadline: 13th May 2021
  • Full proposal submission deadline: 15th September 2021

*Submission of an EoI to SFI prior to proposal submission is mandatory

Key document