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The Healthy Skin Clinic

Skincare can be a complex world to navigate with so many heavily marketed brands claiming to heal, smooth and repair skin, to change our appearance, turn back the years and cure the many skin conditions, it can be difficult to understand the critical differences between pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and to get to grips with what components that we use on a daily basis, actually do. For this event which will discuss

What goes into skincare products?

Active ingredients that work for acne, anti-aging and how to protect your collagen.

When it comes to skincare information is key.

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Looking at The Stars :An Introduction to the Night Sky with David Moore of Astronomy Ireland

Join us for an evening of looking at the stars. The galaxy that the Sun is a part of is so large it takes light about 100,000 years to cross it. Earth is about 25,000 light-years from the centre of the Milky Way. Find out about the night sky and its many amazing sights in this talk which aims to help you make sense of what you see when you look up at the night.

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How to Build an Iron Man Suit

Barry Fitzgerald ( himself a Superhero Scientist ) will discuss how many characters in the superhero genre are self-made superheroes - such as Tony Stark, Riri Williams, Bruce Wayne, and Shuri who have developed technologies that they can wear to enhance their abilities. In this interactive workshop, you will learn how current research in multiple scientific disciplines can be combined to build iconic wearable superhero technologies.

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Now in its fourth year Tipperary Festival of Science (TFS) has been delivering a diverse range of high quality STEM and STEAM workshops, shows, and events to the people of Tipperary since 2017. This year’s festival will be completely online but will as always feature a jam packed schedule of events designed to engage and inspire budding scientists, engineers and mathematicians of all ages!

TFS is now a well established and  eagerly anticipated festival for teachers, families, children, and adults alike. TFS provides something for everyone, that is through accessible, open events, offering something new and interesting through easy to understand talks and workshops that are relevant to everyday life and to every participant.

TFS is managed and delivered by Mary Immaculate College in collaboration with Science Foundation Ireland, Limerick Institute of Technology and a wide range of partners. A full listing of our 2020 online events can be found on our Twitter and Facebook pages.