The office of Enterprise and Community Engagement at Mary Immaculate College, set up the Tipperary Festival of Science in 2017. Every year we aim to deliver a diverse range of high-quality, interesting and engaging Science workshops, shows, and events to children, teachers and families across Tipperary.  Our mission remains unchanged: to ignite curiosity, foster excitement, and spark discussions about Science. 

This year our programme will feature over 50 captivating events. New additions include 'Rap Science’, with Jon Chase for an electrifying fusion of science and music, and 'A rapid guide to the fine art of Science Communication' by Dr. Barry Fitzgerald, designed to empower companies in effective science communication. 

Supported by Mary Immaculate College, Science Foundation Ireland, and the Irish American Partnership, our festival continues to bridge the gap between science and the community. From school shows to online talks, we promise an array of engaging experiences that cater to all interests. 

Check out Tipperary Festival of Science on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) for more information or email for enquiries. 

Explore the wonders of Science with us at the Tipperary Festival of Science 2023 – where science comes alive for everyone!