Featured Events

Copper Coast Geo Park - Coastal Monitoring

Bunmahon Beach Carpark |  8th November, 11am

A talk with coastal erosion expert Dr. Keiran Craven from the department of The Environment, Climate and Communications about how coastal erosion is being monitored along the Copper Coast. Participants in this workshop will also be though how to use a coastal monitoring app to take their own records of coastal monitoring along the Copper Coast during the remainder of science week, the results will then be displayed on a website. 


The Science of Extreme Sport with Bruce Wardop

Online | 9th November, 11am


Have you ever wondered how science helps your favourite athletes to optimise their performance? What is the ideal body composition for an All-Ireland winner? How "fit" does an elite cyclist need to be? Can we predict marathon performance from a test in the lab? These questions and more will be answered in this exciting Science Week presentation delivered by the Department of Sport & Exercise Science, WIT.

The Science of Happiness

Online | 11th November, 7pm


Explore ‘The Science of Happiness’ with Dr Mark Rowe. Modern medicine emphasises a pill for every ill (a plaster solution). When strengthening the foundations of our physical and mental health is what’s needed most. Emphasising the importance of self-care to enable us to learn from adversity and overcome burnout. ‘The preventative stitch in time saves nine.’

The South East Science Festival was coordinated by Calmast, Waterford Institute of Technology’s STEM engagement centre in association with local partners.

Last year, the festival celebrated its 22nd year with the wide and wonderful world of science and its impact on our everyday life.

Staying mostly online last year, participants became scientists with hands-on STEM Kits, discovered the natural wonders of the Copper Coast Geopark, and explored the National Aquarium of Ireland, as well as leaping into the natural world with Biodiversity and Geology Field Trips.

The South East Science Festival included a family day featuring a selection of online STEM shows and workshops using our STEM packs to help you get creative from the comfort of your home, making your very own animations and much more!

Calmast works with partners such as Lismore Heritage Centre, Waterford Council Library services, Tipperary County Council, Copper Coast Geopark,  Waterford Childcare Committee  and others organisations to bring STEM events to schools, families and the public in the South East region of Ireland