Featured Events

The Science of Star Wars

Explore the science of Star Wars with author and scientist Jon Chase. How long before we get a Star Wars speeder off the ground? What exactly is the Force? How could Kylo Ren stop a blaster shot in mid-air? How could we live on a gas giant like Bespin? Nature versus nurture: How does it play out in the making of Jedi? How much would it cost to build the Death Star? This is the science week event you've been looking for !! Suitable for Padawans and Jedi alike.

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The Science of Resilience

A wide ranging and informative interview with psychologist and psychotherapist Dr Andrew Magee exploring the science of resilience, mental health issues in the time of Covid and a range of psychology issues. This interview explores how we live today and what the science of psychology tells us about how we can be kinder to ourselves and cope with the challenges that life can often present. A timely exploration of resilience is provided by this interview of Dr Andrew Magee with Dr Craig Slattery of UCD.

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Discovery Day

Join Midlands Science for an online day of discovery with Anyone 4 Science, Dale Treadwell’s Dinosaur Show, the Science of Superheroes, Dr Mindflip’s Ultimate Learning Experience, The Reptile Zoo and the Exploration Dome. From ice cream making to black holes, from T-Rex’s to Ironman Suits and from pythons to an online game with a twist, we’ve got it all on offer online direct to you !!

Booking available at midlandsscience.ie

The Midlands Science Festival celebrates science in the midlands exploring everything from comets to tarantulas through shows, workshops and talks. This year events will be taking place online for the general public and also through remote delivery to schools in line with the current Covid 19 situation.

This year’s festival includes a family open day, the science of Star Wars [suitable for Padawans and Jedis alike !] and Baking in Space with Dr Niamh Shaw and Andrew Smyth of the Great British Bake Off. The festival will be exploring the science of resilience with psychologist Dr Andrew Magee and getting into some skin deep science with dermatology nurse Fidelma O’Dowd.

Students from a Midlands Gaelscoil will be sharing their explorations of science and space as Gaeilge and we’ll be talking about everything from the Milky Way [Bealach na Bó Finne] to space exploration [spástaiscéalaíocht].Comedian Martin Beanz Warde will be taking audiences through the world of physics as he experiences the Dr Mindflip Ultimate Learning Experience.

There’s lots of prizes and competitions associated with this year’s festival and details can be found on the social media channels of Midlands Science.

Popular activities such as science knitting patterns [including crocheted DNA with proper chirality !] and a Science Festival Book Club for adult and younger readers are back again this year.

The festival is run by Midlands Science, a not for profit organisation which has received awards from Rethink Ireland and the Naughton Foundation for its creative and impactful work in promoting science in the community. Supported by Science Foundation Ireland and a number of partners, this year is the eighth year of the festival.