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UL’s Amazing Cosmos Journey!

Wednesday 11th Nov, 19h-19h50

Robert Hill will take us on an exciting virtual journey through the Amazing Cosmos!

As we look to the night sky we imagine what lies beyond our protective blanket of the atmosphere. We sometimes glimpse visitors from beyond as shooting stars as they burn up in the atmosphere above. We may witness the night sky light up in a cosmic dance with the beautiful Northern Lights. There is even the possibility to gaze upon ancient distant travellers as comets as they pass by us on their own journey around our star, The Sun. Through telescopes we gaze out into the universe and travel through space and time. Our scientific endeavours and exploration of space have uncovered incredible vistas and secrets yet to be explained.

This very visual presentation will highlight some of the amazing discoveries we have made about our own Solar System and out into interstellar space and the universe beyond.

Bookings: Joanna.carroll@ul.ie

Speaker:  Robert Hill, ESA and Director of Northern Ireland Space Office

Audience: This talk is open to all who are curious about the Universe and Black Holes!

Website: scieng.ul.ie / scienceweek.ie

Free online event!

Great Irish Mathematicians

How a poetry-writing vandal, a mathematical Taoiseach, a WW2 escapee and a piano-playing ground-breaker changed Irish mathematics forever.

Talk by Doireann O'Kiely for the Limerick Festival of Science, 6:30pm 9th Nov.

This Science Week, we look at some of the important contributions Ireland made to mathematics during the 1800s and 1900s. Learn about William Rowan Hamilton, who carved his equations into a Dublin bridge, Eamon De Valera, who moonlighted as a mathematician and Erwin Schrodinger and Sheila Tinney, whose work in quantum mechanics and crystal structures put Irish physics on the world stage.

Time: Monday 9th of November at 6:30pm. Once premiered this talk will be available for the duration of Science Week.

Speaker: Doireann O'Kiely, Mathematics and Statistics Department, University of Limerick.

Audience: This talk is open to all who are curious about mathematics, science or Irish history, from secondary school students upwards. No prior knowledge is required.

All are welcome. Please register for a free ticket at https://scienceweekmacsi.eventbrite.ie

Website: scieng.ul.ie / scienceweek.ie

University of Limerick presents “A Brief History of Time Travel”

Tuesday, 17 Nov, 19h-19h45

Time is relative, according to Albert Einstein. We experience time in different ways every day. Our lives are spent moving in three-dimensional space. We can travel from one location to another using many different means of transport such as planes, trains, or automobiles. So it would make sense that at some point we would think about travelling in time in the same way - moving seamlessly from one moment in time to another.
But can we time travel? And how accurate are the methods of time travel portrayed in films, TV series, and comic books? In this lecture, the science of time travel is presented. If you could time travel what would you do? And if could time travel what are things you’d have to change to avoid certain events occurring? Could you actually prevent things from happening in the first place? Would they just happen anyway? As you’ll find out, travelling through time can be quite confusing. Join Physicist Dr Barry Fitzgerald on this interesting and intriguing discussion.

Prizes for best questions in the session!

Bookings: Joanna.carroll@ul.ie

Speaker:  Dr Barry Fitzgerald, University of Eindhoven, Netherlands

Audience: This talk is open to all who are curious about the science of time travel

Website: scieng.ul.ie / scienceweek.ie

Free online event!

Once again, the University of Limerick, Mary Immaculate College and Limerick Institute of Technology have joined to present a range of activities and experiences to celebrate the role of science in the lives of people in the Mid-West region. The three third level institutions in Limerick City will share their enthusiasm for science, technology engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) with everyone in the region.

Science Week brings everyone together from children and adults, to scientists, engineers and technologists and is designed to spark curiosity, inspire imagination and unleash the potential that can help shape the future. Our festival aims to challenge stereotypes so young people can see the diversity of people that work in STEAM.

This year’s festival features a range of scientists and engineers from various backgrounds, ages, and disciplines. A variety of virutal interactive talks, workshops, quizzes, competitions, cafe science and fun activities will take place across Limerick City & County and County Clare during the week of the Festival.

The events are guaranteed to interest and intrigue! All events are free. Come along and get engaged!