Lismore Mobile Science Workshops

Lismore Mobile Scientists take to the road to visit your school!

Choose from these super scientific topics!

Guts of Digestion

From the moment it touches the lips to the gory finale, pupils will love following real food on a journey through the digestive system. Children will learn how their body absorbs nutrients in accordance with the “Human Life” strand of the curriculum. They will also learn how we grow, run and jump and the role our digestive systems have in keeping us active! Hands on from start to finish, pupils will be delighted and disgusted all at once!

Chemistry Kids

Participation is paramount as pupils learn about Acids, Bases and the pH scales in an interactive workshop. Materials and how they change, heat and cooling and chemical uses in everyday life are all explored. They use stinky red cabbage juice and litmus paper as an indicator to determine the pH of everyday things. See your little chemists surprise as we add some bubble and fizz to the end of the workshop!

Shocking Science

Have some hair-raising fun with Electricity before building circuits, adding switches, testing insulators and conductors and learning about all the Energy and Forces that contribute to it. Magnetism is also explored and we bring along some Plasma Balls to discuss static electricity. We will introduce fuses and electrical safety and the uses of the humble wire in everyday life. Students will be shockingly entertained!

Crime Scene Investigation- Classroom CSI

Suspect everyone is his one hour forensic science workshop. Team work and note taking are key to the students cracking the case. Your class will deduce, decide and discover the secrets and tricks of real life C.S.I. agents. The workshop explores an application of science in everyday life and students will have to work as a team to piece the clues together. Using real life scientific techniques and materials like paper chromatography and D.N.A. extraction students get hands-on a become a detective for a day!

New for 2015 Astronaut University

Explore the Sunny Solar System, Sparkling Stars, Plenty of Planets and the all important Rocket Power. The importance of Space Exploration to us Earthlings, day and night and forces will all be introduced in this 1 hour workshop.

With hands-on experiments, lots of interaction and a blast off finale, this workshop is sure to be Out of This World!

Don’t leave your younger classes out, invite our Junior Science Roadshow along where we fascinate young scienctists with an hour of hands on Science.

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