Serosep Ltd based at Annacotty Business Park, Limerick and SSPC, the SFI Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals hosted at the Bernal Institute, University of Limerick (UL) will start working together on a project to optimise the time on a freeze-drying process for bacterial and viral test kits.

The identification of bacterial tests using the EntericBio system currently runs over a 48-hour period and involves the freeze-drying of liquid containers. This project aims to determine ways to optimize this process for higher volumes leading faster production for patient needs.

SSPC is constantly expanding its research capacity. Working with Serosep offers the opportunity to investigate and optimise the process of manufacturing the EntericBio bacterial and viral real-time test kits.

Prof Gavin Walker, SSPC Co-Director and project lead, said: "The teams at SSPC have developed at UL and across other Irish Universities make Ireland an internationally renowned location for pharmaceutical research and Foreign Direct Investment. By combining SSPC knowledge with industry collaborators such as Serosep advances the social and economic benefits of the Irish (Bio)Pharmaceutical industry."

Ciara Mullen, Molecular Diagnostics Production Manager, Serosep Ltd, said: “As Serosep, continues their bid to be the leading laboratory diagnostics specialists in microbiology, histopathology and environmental testing. Working with SSPC a world leading SFI research centre for pharmaceuticals will pave the way to produce a solution for lab teams worldwide.”

Serosep’EntericBio system, the market leader in GI real-time PCR testing in the UK/Ireland, provides medium/high throughput labs with a rapid, reliable and easy to use solution for their enteric pathogen testing needs.