This Science Week to mark its 25th anniversary, Science Foundation Ireland and the Irish Research Council have partnered with the artist collective SUBSET to create a public art interpretation of Choosing Our Future. Renowned for their public art, they will work with community groups to inspire and inform their artwork in a number of locations across Ireland.

Art and creativity has a key role in helping us understand science and the world around us. Whether it is understanding an element of science or turning to nature, music, reading and poetry during the pandemic. 

In partnering with SUBSET, Science Foundation Ireland and the Irish Research Council want to hear the community groups views and opinions on the theme for Science Week 2020, Choosing Our Future.

Through virtual workshops they will engage with community groups, share insights from the research community and from this create public artworks which take inspiration from these engagements.

Speaking about the partnership, Dr Ruth Freeman, Director of Science for Society, Science Foundation Ireland said: “Art has an incredible ability to break down barriers, to allow us to have new conversations, understand science and consider the possibilities our future holds in new and different ways. Our theme for Science Week 2020 is Choosing Our Future; this initiative is the perfect opportunity to engage with communities on what this means to them.  We are delighted to work with Subset and the Irish Research Council to create this art which will live at the heart of communities in Ireland.”

Peter Brown, Irish Research Council Director commentated on the partnership saying: “Science Week is a fantastic initiative that brings the study of our physical and natural world into a public forum, encouraging greater interest and engagement. Science Week also presents a fantastic opportunity to engage across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. We are delighted to partner with Science Foundation Ireland and SUBSET on this collaboration. Using art as a medium for scientific discussion and community engagement will hopefully lead to many inspiring murals throughout the country.”

Speaking about the partnership, SUBSET stated: “Conversing with various groups on the subject of choosing our future will be insightful, and taking inspiration from the conversations and the sciences will be interesting. The art that is created within the communities will be a beacon for progress through experimentation.”

For more details on Science Week visit the Science Week website.