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An autonomous vehicle also known as a self driving car or robot car is a vehicle which is able to sense it’s environment and move with little or no human input. Semi-autonomous vehicles already exist and have travelled hundreds of thousands of miles for companies like Google and Tesla. 

However it's probably at least another 10 -15 years before we’ll see the first 'true' autonomous vehicles on our roads. When that day comes it will have the potential to transform our cities and environment. 

Autonomous vehicles will potentially negate the need for lorry and taxi drivers; will improve traffic flow as all the cars can communicate together to avoid the stop/start 'shockwave' effect of human drivers; and help the environment by reducing the amount of traffic on the roads and making electric cars more practical.  

Although autonomous vehicles will disrupt many sectors it will also open up many new opportunities enabling us to be more productive. Without the need to drive, our cars will be transformed into mobile spaces to either work or relax or even have a meal.

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