13th November 2023: In celebration of Science Week 2023, Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) has partnered with renowned Nigerian-Irish poet and playwright FELISPEAKS to create HUMAN, a reflection on the people carrying out the research that shapes our world today and into the future: ordinary people doing extraordinary things, trying to solve some of our greatest societal challenges. 

When we think of the scientists, technologists, inventors and researchers that are working to improve our world every day, do we imagine them as human beings first? Parents, carers, teachers, friends - just like us - how do they balance their work to find the answers to our problems, in an increasingly polarised and politicised world?  

HUMAN is an arts collaboration supported by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) as part of SFI’s remit to inspire public curiosity and engagement with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). It explores new ways to bring the arts and research together, to gain new insights and perspectives and reach new and diverse audiences. 

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Watch the powerful video performance by Nigerian-Irish poet FELISPEAKS

The poem is accompanied by a powerful video performance, filmed by Keith Arkins Media at Phase Art Studios Dublin. It will be shared throughout Science Week which runs all of this week until Sunday 19 November, with the aim of provoking conversation, using the hashtag #ScienceWeek

Learn more about FELISPEAKS at: https://www.felispeaks.com/