17 September 2020 UCC Innovation today announced the launch of BioPixS, the latest spinout collaboration between IPIC SFI Research Centre, Tyndall National Institute, and UCC Innovation.

BioPixS' vision is to translate cutting-edge research into hi-tech, innovative solutions to impact the BioPhotonics market. Biophotonics is a multidisciplinary research area that focusses on the application of light-based technologies to life sciences and medicine. The BioPixS mission is to create standards in the field of Biophotonics through phantoms that simulate light interaction in scattering media like human tissue. BioPixS' products will reduce cost and time needed to develop hi-tech biomedical devices in photonics. On a social front, BioPixS' phantoms target to reduce the animals used in preclinical trials by providing parallel solutions and optimise clinical trials, promoting a better world for our future generations.

What is Photonics? Photonics is the science of light. It is the technology of generating, controlling, and detecting light waves and photons, which are particles of light. The characteristics of the waves and photons can be used to explore the universe, cure diseases, and even to solve crimes.

Dr Sanathana Konugolu Venkata Sekar, CEO, BioPixS: ‘’Our innovative, commercially unique phantoms mimic the optical properties of tissue to create a standardised approach. This accelerates instrument development at reduced costs in the field of biophotonics. These phantoms serve a pressing need for validation of clinical methodologies, characterisations, calibration of instruments, and standardisation of protocols and devices. Our mission to be a one-stop solution for all biophotonics standardisation needs will spur innovation and fast track the next generation of biomedical tools to benefit society’’.

Prof Anita R. Maguire, VP Research & Innovation, UCC today commented on the launch of BioPixS: "The launch of BioPixS as the most recent spin-out company to emerge from the groundbreaking research at Tyndall and UCC is most welcome. These innovations are set to transform the way biophotonics research is performed, providing solutions which accelerate instrument development and monitor day to day performance of devices. UCC has now formed 35 spin-out companies since 2007 and this is an important aspect of our strategy to secure impact from our research.”

UCC Innovation Director, Dr Rich Ferrie added: ‘’I’m delighted to join with colleagues and celebrate the launch of this exciting new spin-out. UCC Innovation is proud to have played a pivotal role in paving the way for this moment, supporting BioPixS through the spin-out process and hosting their participation on our GatewayUCC Sprint accelerator programme. It’s fantastic to see this high calibre research transition to the commercial world and I look forward to the further growth and expansion of the company.’’

Professor William Scanlon, CEO, Tyndall: ‘’We are pleased to add BioPixS to the growing Tyndall new ventures portfolio of spin-outs, spin-ins and start-ups. BioPixS is a great example of how our world leading research, and its advancement to market through start-up companies, is helping to deliver commercial and societal benefit. BioPixS has already proven its high potential as part of a consortium selected for European Commission emergency funding related to Covid-19. It is targeting rapid health-related innovation, and is set to go from strength to strength in this growing market.’’

Professor Paul Townsend, Head of the Photonics Centre, Tyndall and Director of IPIC: ‘’BioPixS has the potential to revolutionise the entire biophotonics value chain, from laboratory to clinical applications, and we’re very excited to see the advances that BioPixS will drive forward in the future. We are delighted that they’re launching from the SFI-funded IPIC Photonics Research Centre to produce cutting edge industrial applications that support and advance standards in the field of Biophotonics.’’

This latest spin-out is another example of UCC and Tyndall's pioneering approach to Irish industry and innovation. Last week's Knowledge Transfer Ireland Annual Review assessed the engagement of Irish universities across Ireland with industry, and found that UCC is Ireland’s leading university for research income, both overall and in terms of research funding from industry partners. UCC and Cork is now home to a number of globally leading research centres and institutes focused on diverse fields including photonics, gut health, maternal and child health, data analytics, sustainability, and renewable energy. UCC received €105 million in research income in 2019, which is a 25% increase over a 5-year period.

For more information please visit https://biopixstandards.com