14 April 2021: Wondering what do-it-yourself, maker-type people have been doing this past year? Are you curious about what new skills people have been acquiring either out of necessity or simply because they have had the opportunity? Well, come find out for yourself in the one-stop shop for the hack-it , make-it, do-it mindset at Dublin Maker. Load up on ideas or present your own, as Dublin Maker returns this year with our most accessible event ever.  Fully virtual, universally available, Dublin Maker is the online place to be this summer. Free to attend, simple to participate in, jump in, join the conversations or start your own. Anyone with an interest in getting hands on and making things will enjoy this weekend of invention, creativity, self-reliance and resourcefulness  - Saturday June 19th and Sunday June 20th. Location – everywhere!

So what goes at Dublin Maker? Anything goes as it turns out. From kitchen chemistry to garden shed rocketry. From bedroom music-making to home office life hacks.

Who goes to Dublin Maker? Everyone and anyone.

Who exhibits at Dublin Maker? You do! Dublin Maker is not just a place to visit, it is a place for participation. It is a place for you to share your favourite hacks, makes, fakes, bakes and takes on doing things hands-on.  In fact we have an Open Call in which we invite you to tell us what you want to show and talk about at Dublin Maker. We will review and find the perfect virtual tent in our virtual online world for you to share your experience with others. There is a space for everyone in our limitless online exhibition space so no matter how “out there” your making is, we will be sure to accommodate it. In past years Dublin Maker has demonstrated an eclectic buzz with everything from traditional crafts to new technologies. Even if you are unsure about exhibiting this year, get inspired for next year. Take the chance to speak to makers who have created everything from rocket launchers to film props. Ask them questions, and let your mind overflow with new ideas. All that making can be tough work, so we even have a virtual chill out zone so you have a chance to refuel too. So, take the opportunity to glimpse into the future, get hands-on in the creation process and find inspiration to make, build and create. The act of making, changes your world - or at least make it a more exciting place to be. Dublin Maker celebrates all those who enjoy making things, bringing them all together to create a festive celebration of self-reliance and doing it yourself-ness.  It’s once a year so take the opportunity this year and see a future you might want to be part of.

To help get you inspired there are plenty of hands-on workshops and live demos that will have you rolling up your sleeves and widening your eyes. Dublin Maker’s mission is to entertain, inform and connect the makers of Ireland, while inspiring the next generation of Ireland’s makers and inventors. Run by volunteers who simply want to see Ireland show its hidden inventive brilliance. There’s nothing else like it.

Apply for the Dublin Maker Open Call here.