Pervasive Nation and the Tyndall Smart Glove have been shortlisted in the Outstanding Academic Achievement of the Year category in this year’s Technology Ireland Software Industry Awards.

Pervasive Nation is Ireland’s Internet Of Things Testbed and is led by Professor Linda Doyle, Director of CONNECT, in Trinity College Dublin. Pervasive Nation is a resource for industry, government and academia and a catalyst for Internet of Things research and innovation in Ireland.

The Tyndall Smart Glove (Haptic Human Computer Interface System for VR/AR and robotics) has been developed by the Wireless Sensor Network group in Tyndall National Institute and led by CONNECT Funded Investigator Dr Brendan O’Flynn. It has applications as a motion sensor in several areas such as gaming, industry and medicine.

Winners will be announced at a gala dinner on 24 November 2017.