Guidance on State aid for applicants to, and recipients of, SFI grant funding PDF

SFI’s Industry Collaboration Form (ICF) will support Grant recipients and their respective Research Performing Organisations in being compliant with State aid legislation. From 17th February 2021, SFI will require that this form is completed and returned to SFI on or before the date that the Collaborative Research (or Intellectual Property Rights) Agreement has been ‘agreed’ or signed by, the relevant partner(s). 

Please refer to the Industry Collaboration Form to complete the form.

For Frequently Asked Questions, please see the following PDF.

  1. Knowledge Transfer Ireland Practical Guide to State Aid Considerations in Research, Development & Innovation for RPOs and Industry:  10458 EI KTI State Aid Booklet V2.indd
  2. European Association of Research and Technology Organisations Note on State aid rules for Research & Innovation: EARTO-Note-on-EU-state-aid-rules-for-RDI-final.pdf
  3. Knowledge Transfer Ireland IP Guidance: Ireland-s-National-IP-Protocol-2019-.pdf
  4. State aid rules for Research, Development and Innovation – a presentation:
  5. State aid rules for Research, Development and Innovation – decision tree:
  6. European Association of Research and Technology Organisations: A report analysing and clarifying State Aid Rules in R&D&I for RDOs

During December 2020, Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) made a submission to the EU Commission of its intent to avail of the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER). The Scheme is implemented for the SFI Discover Programme, the SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship Programme and the SFI ARC Hubs Programme. If future SFI Programmes avail of GBER this will be made apparent to prospective applicants and Research Bodies in the call documentation and application processes described. The objective of this scheme is to provide aid for research and development projects that align with SFI’s mandate to promote and assist the development and competitiveness of industry, enterprise and employment in Ireland.

Further details can be found at the following link.