Science Foundation Ireland is committed to Ireland’s goal of ensuring that all publicly funded research articles published from 2021 are openly available.  To this end, Science Foundation Ireland is a partner of cOAlition S, an initiative to make full and immediate Open Access to research publications a reality.  During 2019, SFI will be developing an implementation plan, in consultation with national and international partners / funders, to support compliance with Plan S.

Further information on Plan S

Guideline for implementation of Plan S

SFI is also part of the National Open Research Forum and endorses the National Principles on Open Access along with the EU Open Access Policy and revision to these guidelines.

National Open Research Forum

The National Open Research Forum is a collaboration with representatives from research funding agencies, government departments, educational authorities, library sectors and other key stakeholders in the research system, aimed at delivering an Irish agenda on Open Access.  Individual Working groups are addressing key areas of open access publications, open research data, infrastructure and human resources that are required to achieve national open access by 2024.

Good data governance and stewardship are key components of good research practice. In this regard, Science Foundation Ireland supports that research data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR)*. Appropriate data management and data sharing are fundamental to all stages of the research process and support high quality, reproducible research. As such, access to research data arising in whole or in part from SFI funding should be as open as possible.

As part of their application to some programme calls, Science Foundation Ireland requests that researchers submit a data management plan. Please refer to the programme call document for information on whether a data management plan is required, and at what stage in the application process. When preparing a data management plan, applicants may wish to consider the practical guidance published by Science Europe.

* European Commission (2018) Turning FAIR into Reality: Final Report and Action Plan from the European Commission Expert Group on FAIR Data. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.