Science Europe is an association which promotes the interests of European research funding- and performing agencies. It supports the work of its Member Organisations (which include SFI, IRC and HRB in Ireland) and promotes co-operation and networking between the research community at both policy and activity level. Science Europe is involved in the development of the ERA, and aims to maximise the input of its MOs in the decision-making process. Its recommendations for the implementation of policies are generated by a number of dedicated expert Working Groups. These Working Groups presently focus on:

  • Cross-border Collaboration;
  • Open Access to Scientific Publications;
  • Research Data;
  • Research Careers;
  • Research Infrastructures;
  • Research Integrity;
  • Horizon 2020;
  • Gender and Diversity (planned for the future);
  • Ex-post Evaluation (planned for the future).

In November 2015 Science Europe Member Organisations agreed the creation of a new, cross-disciplinary Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).