Attracting outstanding research talent to Ireland is one of the principal ambitions of SFI. Since its launch in 2003, the SFI Research Professorship Programme has sought to support national strategic priorities by assisting research bodies in the recruitment of world-leading researchers for Professorial Chairs, or similar research leadership positions in targeted scientific areas. The programme has also acted as a mechanism to support the recruitment of individuals who possess a strong industry background and may also allow for the recruitment of those intending to hold senior roles in SFI Research Centres or other centres of scale.  

The SFI Research Professorship Programme will not only provide Research Bodies in Ireland with an opportunity to identify and create strategically relevant, timely and critically needed posts, but will also ensure that those posts are filled by world-class researchers who will be recognised by their peers for their achievements and who will have already demonstrated their excellence by obtaining funding through extremely competitive funding calls (such as those coordinated by the European Research Council and/or major national science funding agencies), or who are able to convince their peers that they have the potential to win such funding in the near future. 

Given the outstanding nature of the individuals this programme is intended to support, SFI will commit to providing financial support for up to 10 years through this call. Funding will be provided to successful applicants for an initial five-year programme of work; a second five-year cycle of funding may be provided, following a successful progress review of the initial activities and subject to available SFI budget. 

Applications will include a budget tailored to the requirements of the proposed research programme for the first five-year cycle. No maximum budget is applied under this call; however, applicants must clearly articulate the need for the budget and value for money will be considered as part of the review criteria for this programme.