Entrepreneurship is the motivation, attitude and skill to realise new opportunities and create economic and societal impact from them.

The I-Corps@SFI Academy provides introductory training for researchers in evidence-based entrepreneurship, and provides training for research translation professionals (e.g. Technology Transfer Office staff) based at Irish RPOs that enables them to support researchers in the application of this evidence-based methodology.

The I-Corps@SFI Academy is a cohort-based programme that is delivered virtually over a number of weeks to train researchers in evidence-based entrepreneurship using the NSF I-Corps methodology. The Academy is delivered in partnership with I-Corps South and Georgia Tech Venture Lab.

Instructor Team

Training in the Academy is led by a team of experienced instructors from I-Corps South/Georgia Tech Venture Labs. This team is supported locally in Ireland by a dedicated team of national instructor trainees and mentors. Instructor trainees and mentors are drawn from RPOs across Ireland and each have significant experience in research translation and commercialisation.

Interested in becoming an instructor trainee/mentor? See How To Apply

Cohorts and Timelines

Cohort 1 (Stream(s): Instructor Trainees and Researchers) – Closed: April – June, 2021

Cohort 2 (Stream(s): Instructor Trainees and Researchers) – Closed: September – November, 2021

Cohort 3 (Stream(s): Researchers) – Closed: March - April, 2022.

Cohort 4 (Stream(s) – TBA) – Application Deadline: Q3 2022. More details to follow.


An information webinar was held on 18th February 2022. A copy of the slide deck that accompanied this webinar can be download here.

Further Information

Please contact i-corps@sfi.ie for further information on the I-Corps@SFI Academy.