Driving STEM-led innovation to address society’s greatest challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Societal Good is the challenge theme for this call of the SFI Future Innovator Prize. Under this call, applications will be accepted from teams seeking to address significant societal challenges through the development of disruptive STEM-based solutions based on interdisciplinary approaches that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) (applications must also fall within SFI’s legal remit). In this context, applications to the programme should propose to address ambitious national challenges through the utilization of AI along with knowledge, practice, methods and data from different disciplines and sectors. It is expected that successful applications will generate new insights and create significant value for stakeholders and have strong potential for transformative societal impact.

Applications should consider the need for teams to have complementary technical skills (e.g. relating to other aspects of data science) to ensure successful challenge definition and solution development/deployment. Furthermore, consideration should also be given to the broader challenge/solution context which may require input from experts in disciplines outside of STEM such as the arts, humanities and social sciences (AHSS).

Following application review, successful applicant teams will be awarded funding of €20k to undertake team building, scoping and concept validation activities. They will then undergo a rigorous interview and shortlisted teams will be provided with €200k to further validate and prototype their proposed solutions. Finalists will ultimately compete for one overall prize award of €2M to further develop and deploy their solution.


Please note that, under a partnership between the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and SFI, additional teams may be funded that are focused on delivering impact in countries where Ireland’s official development assistance is directed. For more informtion on this partnership see SFI-DFAT Partnership: Future Innovator Prize 2019.