SFI and the Health Research Board (HRB) are collaborating to support Irish researchers in building EU partnerships on the theme of personalised medicine as a part of the European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) on the Identification and Validation of Targets for Personalised Medicine Approaches (PMTargets).

The vision of EP PerMed is to improve health outcomes within sustainable healthcare systems through research, development, innovation and implementation of personalised medicine approaches for the benefit of patients, citizens and society. 

EP PerMed builds on over 15 years of EU-funded consortia and will continue the activities of ERA PerMed in funding transnational innovation and research projects and work closely with ICPerMed for overarching strategic activities. 

One of the main activities of EP PerMed is the preparation and implementation of joint transnational calls (JTCs) for research and innovation projects. The first JTC call for proposals (JTC2024), Identification and Validation of Targets for Personalised Medicine Approaches (PMTargets), is now open.

In total, 39 funding organisations participate in this call with an available budget of over €45 million.

The overall objectives of the JTC2024 are to:

  • Support research projects aiming at identifying or validating targets for personalised medicine approaches in combination with development of companion biomarkers or other markers to allow for monitoring of treatment outcomes and patient stratification;
  • Encourage and enable interdisciplinary collaborations by combining pre-clinical and clinical research in translational projects, and multi-actor research by engaging a range of other relevant disciplines such as bioinformatics/health informatics/data research, ELSA research, implementation research or health economics research connected to the proposed research topic, including end-user perspective analysis to empower the implementation of PM; and
  • Encourage cross-sectorial collaborations, by including the private sector (e.g. SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises), industry, as well as regulatory/HTA agencies and patient organisations.

For further information including call and guidance documents, please refer to the EP PerMed website.

How to apply

If applying through SFI, please give a brief notification of your intent to submit a pre-proposal to SFI through email to eu-cofund@sfi.ie. Within the notification, please include the following information: 

  • List of project partners
  • Irish Host institution 
  • Whether you intend to apply as a coordinating or non-coordinating partner

 If applying through the HRB, please consult HRB.ie.


For applicants based in Ireland, SFI will provide the following funding for projects: 

  • Up to a maximum of €330,000 direct costs per award for Irish applicants as Partner on transnational proposals. 
  • Up to a maximum of €405,000 direct costs per award for Irish applicants as Coordinator on transnational proposals. 

[The maximum total award, including overhead contribution, will be €430,000, for a partner and €530,000 for applicants who take on the role of coordinator.] 


  • SFI is collaborating with HRB on national participation in EP PerMed and in order to maximise the use of available funding, both SFI and the HRB reserve the right to transfer proposals to the other agency subject to respective organisation funding policies and remit.
  • Applicants from Ireland are only permitted to submit one application as coordinator.
  • SFI will only accept one application per applicant.
  • Applicants can apply to both SFI and HRB with different project proposals.
  • Applicants applying to SFI for funding will be advised that funding awarded under the Personalised Medicine Partnership Programme (Identification and Validation of Targets for Personalised Medicine Approaches (PMTargets))must adhere to SFI eligibility criteria guidelines. Further information is available on SFI Policies and Guidance webpage.


Key Dates

02 January 2024 Publication of the call
12 January 2024 Opening of the pre-proposals submission system
15-18 January (TBD) JTC2024 information day
05 March 2024 (17:00 CET) Deadline for pre-proposal submission
Expected around 20 May 2024 Communication of the results of the pre-proposal assessment and invitation to the full-proposal stage
20 June 2024 (17:00 CEST) Deadline for full-proposal submission
Mid/end of August 2024 Rebuttal stage
Expected for October 2024 Communication of the funding decisions to the applicants
End of 2024/beginning of 2025 Expected project start (according to regional/national funding regulations)