SFI and the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), within the framework of the SFI Conferences & Workshops Programme, and the EMBO Courses and Workshops Programme, have agreed to co-sponsor a number of workshop events. EMBO, funded by contributions from 27 member states, is composed of more than 1400 scientists who have been selected by existing members on the basis of their excellence in research in molecular biology.

In recognition of their mutual acknowledgement of the importance of building collaborative networks and facilitating the exchange of ideas to strengthen the European research agenda, SFI and EMBO will co-sponsor a number of workshop events focused on topics that clearly interface with the field of molecular biology, are strategically important for Ireland, and are of broad interest to the Irish and wider European research communities.

Objectives of the partnership

  • Facilitate significant international workshops to be hosted in the Republic of Ireland and enhance Ireland’s international scientific reputation.
  • Provide a platform for discussion and debate at the highest scientific level on timely and important topics that reside in or clearly interface with the molecular biology field.
  • Achieve significant scientific, strategic and economic impact in Ireland while also strengthening the European research agenda.
  • Foster European collaborative networks, particularly between Ireland and other European countries.
  • Enable early-career researchers to build scientific contacts and collaborations, and enhance their recruitment opportunities.
  • Encourage industry-informed research and foster industrial collaborations, where appropriate, to build competitive advantage for Ireland and Europe.

Application procedure and review process

  • Applicants should apply directly to EMBO as per their instructions and deadlines. 
  • Applications will be subject to EMBO and SFI review processes, and must fulfill the eligibility criteria for both the EMBO Courses and Workshops Programme, and SFI Conferences and Workshops Programme.
  • Applicants from the Republic of Ireland should clearly indicate in the online application form in the ‘other information’ box if they wish to be considered under the EMBO-SFI Workshops Partnership and that they consent to EMBO forwarding their application directly to SFI.
  • EMBO will inform applicants of the outcome of their application. Applications may be successful or declined under the Partnership, or may be awarded an EMBO or SFI award independently, subject to competitive review and available agency funds.
  • Successful applicants will receive an award from each agency (on an equal-share basis) and will be required to adhere to the terms and conditions, and fulfill the reporting requirements of both agencies.
  • All conference materials (including internet pages) promoting the conference must carry the SFI and EMBO logos. Support of the conference under the EMBO-SFI Workshops Partnership should also be acknowledged in all news media and interviews.  A SFI Conference and Workshop media pack will issued to awardees providing guidelines on successful promotion of SFI. EMBO will also provide promotional material and assist with advertising the workshop, in addition to offering to design a poster and set-up a website and registration system for the workshop.

Funding and event scheduling

Funding of up to €40,000 may be requested and will be provided on an equal-share basis by SFI and EMBO. Funds are expected to be used for reasonable budget line items, for example the travel expenses of invited speakers or travel bursaries for select early-career scientists. It is expected that a registration fee will be imposed on workshop participants and that most participants will pay for their own travel/subsistence costs and registration fees.

Given that applications must successfully complete the review processes of both EMBO and SFI, applicants should schedule the proposed workshop accordingly.