As per SFI Terms and Conditions, SFI must be notified if there is any change in the status of researchers who hold active SFI awards. In addition, SFI must be notified in advance if a researcher is to relinquish or assume control of SFI funds.

Any changes to Research Centre Directors, SFI Principal Investigators (PIs) and SFI Funded Investigators (FIs) within SFI Research Centres must be approved by SFI in advance of assuming responsibility for overseeing research and/or research personnel supported by the Foundation.

Change in Director or Departures of Personnel from a Centre:  

It is the responsibility of the award holder to inform the SFI Scientific Programme Manager by email in advance if:

  • A Director, Co-PI or FI is departing from the Research Centre.
  • A new Director is joining the Research Centre.

For Changes/Additions to Personnel:

This request must be submitted by the Award Administrator via SESAME for:

  • New PIs, Co-PIs or FIs joining the Research centre, post proposal, who will be overseeing research funded by SFI post proposal.
  • A current PI, Co-PI or FI that will be changing status within the Research Centre.


SFI will require the following detail and/or documentation for the following role types:

•    For Director changes click here

•    For Principal Investigator (PI/co-PI) changes/additions click here

•    For Funded Investigator (FI) changes/additions click here

  • Please find the application form for the addition of an FI here.