South Dublin Libraries in collaboration with NOISE music and with the support of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) are delighted to present Season of Science 2023. Season of Science will run throughout the month of November and bring scientific exploration to the curious of all ages.  

Under this year’s theme “Human” we are concentrating on 3 main themes: music, AI, young STEM entrepreneurs.  

There is very little more central to the human experience than music. Humanity sent a Golden record into space with Voyager which contained greetings and music from around the world.  Working with NOISE Music we hope to produce a Golden Record for South Dublin Libraries and expand our borrowers’ world views into space. 

AI is currently a major topic of conversation in all sectors of society. Will it be a help or a hindrance? In a series of lectures for adults we will explore the promise and dangers of AI. We hope to foster inclusivity by including an ISL interpreter at each of these talks. We will also run and introductory workshop to AI use for children and adults. 

Encouraging young people, especially girls, to engage in STEM careers can be a struggle at times. We hope to break down barriers by introducing teenagers to young STEM entrepreneurs closer to their own age and to show that many career options include more STEM elements than you would think. 

Season of Science will also include a full series of events aimed at primary schools.