On this page we have provided a series of web links to third party sites which you may find helpful. The list consists of interesting websites with resources and ideas for teaching Science, Maths, Space and a range of other topics.

Please note that the web links included on this page are for information only and have not been accredited or endorsed by Science Foundation Ireland.

Teachers Try Science [USA]
Great science ideas, good teacher page. 
Mainly for Teachers but Children will find useful

The Exploratorium, San Francisco [USA]
The site of the world famous science museum. Plenty of resources for teachers and children - look for the Science Snacks. 
Mainly for Teachers but Children will find useful

Teaching Ideas for Primary teachers [UK]
An excellent resource for primary teachers, all subjects including science. 
Mainly for Teachers

SEAI [Ireland]
Home of Sustainable Energy Ireland, the country's national energy authority. 
Mainly for Teachers

ScoilNet [Ireland]
The main Irish website for education. 
Mainly for Teachers but Children will find useful

SCIcentre Primary Science Self Study Materials [UK]
Useful background science for primary teachers - developed for self-study. 
Mainly for Teachers

Science With Me [USA]
Bright ideas for teaching science to young children. [Please note - subscription required to view content]. 
Mainly for Parents/Teachers

Planet Science [UK]
Good site with lots of activities and ideas for children, teachers and parents. 
Mainly for Children but Teachers will find useful

Physics.org [UK]
Great website for physics questions, physics in everyday life. You register and give your level of physics and get answers to questions at the appropriate level. Be sure to check out their great 'Physics Tricks' section as well [NB: Flash Player 8 required]! 
Mainly for Teachers but Children will find useful

Coxhoe Primary School - Curriculum Resources [UK]
Fantastic resource in all subjects at all levels. Hugely suitable for all classes using interactive whiteboards. 
Mainly for Teachers

Steve Spangler Science [USA]
Spangler, who is probably best known for his now famous Mentos and Cola experiment, is a teacher and an advocate of hands-on science and inquiry-based learning and he is a regular on US television. This website has a science experiment section and is easy to navigate with experiment categories ranging from light, colour and density to rocks and minerals. There is also a top ten list of experiments on the home page including, 'How to make a folding egg' and 'Cloud in a bottle'. 
Mainly for Teachers

Energy in Education [Ireland]
The Energy in Education website, is designed to help school to improve energy management practices, which can provide a range of teaching opportunities in science and maths and for developing skills by involving pupils in taking meter readings, reading and understanding bills, and gathering and analysing energy use data. There are a whole range of resources including videos, guides and workbooks to download, including one for primary school pupils to help them to be energy detectives in their school. 
Mainly for Teachers

Creating Futures [Ireland]
This climate change education resource for senior primary classrooms consists of 10 lessons to inspire inquiry, creativity and cooperation. 
Mainly for Teachers

Masters in Data Science [USA]

239 cool sites about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Seomra Ranga [Ireland]
The aim of the website is to share practical resources for the primary school classroom on the web.
Mainly for Teachers

Top Notch Teaching [USA]:

70 Cool Maths Games - If you disguise Maths as a game (or 70!), children won’t mind learning arithmetic.

CoolMath [USA]
An amusement park of math and more... designed for fun!
Mainly for Children but Teachers will find useful

Woodlands Maths Zone [UK]
Fun online interactive activities here to help you improve your mental maths skills
Mainly for Children but Teachers will find useful

Primary Worksheets [UK]
A series of maths worksheets for teachers to hand out in class
Mainly for Teachers

Maths Week [Ireland]
Maths Week Ireland aims to raise awareness, appreciation and understanding of mathematics for all.
Mainly for Teachers

Shambles Maths Downloads [Thailand]
A series of worksheets available for download
Mainly for Teachers

Khan Academy [USA]

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. Their Maths missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps.

Jump Math [Global]

Jump Math is an award-winning non-profit dedicated to helping people lead more fulfilled lives. Their evidence-based curricula and professional development replaces Maths anxiety with an understanding and a love of Maths in students and educators.

Maths Chase (UK)

Maths Chase is a completely free site where children can quickly test their times tables in a really fun way!


An excellent site for kids who love space; there are four main sections on the website including 'Earth', 'Space and beyond', 'Rockets and spaceships' and 'Astronauts living in space'. The site is a mine of interesting facts on everything from the Sun and Moon, what astronauts wear in space, to how a computer mouse works or how we have seasons on Earth. The teachers corner has features and news, and a resources section with internet and multimedia resources like a calendar of space events. Resources are divided up into categories, which divide children by age and school level. There are links to related sites like 'How Strong is that Hurricane?' where teachers can help children learn more about a range of topics.
Mainly for Children but Teachers will find useful

Dark Sky Scotland [Scotland]
How dark are the skies where you live? You can find out, and then compare where you live with other places in the world, with the Globe at Night star count project. The darker your sky, the more stars you'll be able to see. The website provides a beginners guide to astronomy as well as a collection of top tips to get the best out of your stargazing session and has simple seasonal star charts which you can browse like to the one above featuring Orion, a constellation that dominates the southern sky throughout the winter months. There are links to a range of large telescope sites and great ideas for design and make activities like using stickers to represent the main constellations that appear in the portion of the sky closest to the pole-star on an umbrella.
For Teachers and Children

Inishowen Maritime Museum and Planetarium [Ireland]
Inishowen Maritime Museum has a state-of-the-art Planetarium. Find out more about it on the website.
For Teachers and Children

BBC Stargazing [UK]
A PDF packed full of stargazing information from the BBC
For Teachers and Children

ESA Kids [EU]
The ESA website has a section for children with a wide range of activities and resources from the 'Lab' where you can build a model of the Mars Express to what you need to know about becoming an astronaut. If you have ever wondered where the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) are right now you can view in real-time the location of the ISS and 11 other ESA-related spacecraft that are orbiting the Earth. 'Liftoff' provides lots of facts on launchers, spacecraft and mission control and the section on Earth takes a look at climate change, natural disasters and protecting nature. The 'Fun' section provides a range of quizzes, puzzles, competitions and a gallery section
Mainly for Children but Teachers will find useful

Stellarium [EU]
Shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.

Celestia [Web]
The free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions.

Mission X - Train like an Astronaut [Web]
Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut is an international educational challenge focusing on fitness and nutrition that encourages students to "train like an astronaut."

Interactive Star charts [USA]

Space Scoop [EU]
Universe Awareness (UNAWE), a programme endorsed by UNESCO and the International Astronomical Union (IAU) has developed Space Scoop to share exciting new astronomical discoveries and inspire children to develop an interest in science and technology.
Mainly for Children but Teachers will find useful

Something Fishy [Ireland]
Learn about water and fish in Ireland.
Mainly for Children but Teachers will find useful

Marine Dimensions [Ireland]
An independent consultancy dedicated to knowledge, awareness and sustainability for the marine environment.
Mainly for Teachers but Children will find useful

EPA [Ireland]
Home of Ireland's Environmental Protection Agency, an independent public body which has a wide range of functions to protect the environment.
Mainly for Teachers but Children will find useful

Enfo [Ireland]
Excellent resource for environmental education.
Mainly for Teachers but Children will find useful

Coillte - Learn about trees [Ireland]
Worksheets on trees for all classes in the primary school. Child friendly, well graded worksheets, simple access.
Mainly for Teachers but Children will find useful

Biology.ie and Nature Watch Ireland [Ireland]
People of all ages can map and learn about Ireland's flora and fauna on this interactive website.
Mainly for Children but Teachers will find useful

Lough Boora Parklands [Ireland]
Lough Boora Parklands, a beautiful new landscape at the heart of Ireland, offers a unique visitor experience. A range of activities ensures that there is something for every visitor. Roam the walkways and meadows and engage with this extraordinary landscape. Interact with art and nature in one location or use it as a place to take some exercise. Pursue your favourite hobby (cycling, angling, birdwatching, photography) or use it as an educational resource. Avail of our picnic facilities. The visitors pavilion provides information about Lough Boora Parklands extraordinary past, as far back as 9,000 years ago, the unique flora and fauna, industrial peat harvesting and the artwork created in the parklands since 2002. Lough Boora Parklands is open 365 days a year with open access for all.
Teachers and kids

The Frog Blog [Ireland]
The Frog Blog is a website created by Humphrey Jones and Jeremy Stone, science teachers of St. Columba's College, Dublin, Ireland. It aims to provide an online tool for the promotion of science within their school, and across the country.
Teachers mainly

HeritageCouncil [Ireland]
The Heritage Council seeks to protect and enhance the richness, quality and diversity of our national heritage for everyone. Education initiatives run through almost all of the work of The Heritage Council and there are a number of key initiatives, such as The Heritage in Schools Scheme, that particularly reflect The Heritage Council's outlook and priorities. This nationwide programme, run in collaboration with the INTO, offers a panel of heritage specialists who will, at the request of a teacher, visit a primary school to work directly with the children on topics as diverse as bats and traditional bread making. You can download the directory of specialists and booking forms from the website. As well as having sections on wildlife, landscapes and the marine.
Mainly for Teachers

iSpot [UK]
Interested in nature but not sure what you're looking at? If so, iSpot is the website for you as it aims to help anyone identify anything in nature. Once you've registered, you can add an observation to the website, suggest an identification yourself, or see if anyone else can identify it for you.There are groups and forums on birds, plants, fish, mammals and amphibians to help you with identification as well as lots of useful information. The site also has user friendly, on-line identification keys to help identify all sorts of wildlife like earthworms, minibeasts ladybirds and dragonfly and you can even download them to your mobile phone for when you are out and about. iSpot is provided by The Open University as part of the OPAL project - The Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) network is an exciting initiative that is open to anyone with an interest in nature. OPAL aims to create and inspire a new generation of nature-lovers by getting people to explore, study, enjoy and protect their local environment.
Useful for teachers and children

Dublin Zoo family farm [Ireland]
Dublin Zoo, a City landmark and Discover Primary Science and Maths Centre, has added to its list of attractions with the Family Farm, an exciting joint venture with Agri Aware. The one acre farm has pigs, sheep, goats, cows and poultry as well as a vegetable garden and the website has a wealth of resources for teachers interested in exploring the topic of agriculture.The Family Farm website offers a 'Meet the animals section' where children can get to know some of the residents including and a Kids section with interactive games and fun facts; who knew a pig can run a mile in seven minutes? A range of teaching resources are available on the website to download from the 'Dig in!' pack. These include modules and lesson plans to teach about the farm, where our food comes from and the environment.
Mainly for Teachers

Met Eireann [Ireland]
The Education section of the Met Eireann website aims to provide a basic introduction to the weather and weather-related topics for primary school students. The resources are designed to encourage primary students to engage in active learning though an exploration and investigation of basic meteorological principles.You will find fact sheets, quizzes, lesson plans and investigations on topics from rain, hail and clouds to instruments for measuring weather. There are also lesson plans for teachers and a very interesting guide to optical phenomena from rainbows, coronas and green flashes to the northern lights. The site offers simple descriptions of common weather facts for younger pupils and an introduction to more specific skills such as reading weather charts and cloud recognition for older classes.
Mainly for Teachers

Just Forests [Ireland]
Just Forests are Ireland's longest established non-governmental development education organisation working solely on global poverty-related tropical forestry/timber issues from a local development perspective. You'll find videos, quizzes, jigsaws and downloads on this website.
Mainly for Teachers but Children will find useful

Roger Frost's website [UK]
Excellent for ideas for ICT and science, good for suppliers of software.
Mainly for Teachers

Mash [Ireland]
This is an Irish website that offers teachers rewards for sharing resources. It provides help and resources for teachers when planning and gives teachers the chance to win prizes for sharing ideas with others. There are resources on a huge range of themes including maths and science related topics, e.g. shapes, addition, electricity, spring, shells, plants and scientists.
Mainly for Teachers