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Maths Attack

How to play

For each set of boxes that appear, read the instructions on the blackboard and pick the box with the most or least items.

Every so often you'll get a general knowledge or number question. You'll have a little more time to get the answer, but you'll still have to think quickly!

The clock starts to count down as soon as you start a new question. If the time runs out, you lose a life.

You have three lives.

Good Luck!

Drop Zone

How to play

This fast and fun-filled game is based on the principle of what goes up must come down! Use the mouse to control your tennis racket and bounce a number of different balls safely across the screen into the swimming pool.

As one of our recent Flash Activities showed, a bouncy ball is a bit like a spring; when it bounces, it gets a bit squished as it hits the ground. If you had a high-speed camera and clicked at the exact moment the ball hit the ground you would see that the ball is a bit flattened at that place; it then springs back to its original shape as it comes up again.

Good Luck!

Space Shaper

How to play

Molly and Spidey have made it into outer space! Now they have to answer 8 questions about maths and shapes to successfully complete their mission.

Use your arrow keys on your keyboard to point Spidey's spaceship in the direction of the right answer - questions appear at the top of each scene.

Once Spidey is pointing in the right direction, send him on his way by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard. If you want to send him a short distance, press the keyboard twice quickly. Increase the time between key presses for longer journeys. There's a "power bar" on the right hand side to show you how far he will travel. You'll get the hang of it after a while!

You get 3 attempts to answer each question.

At the end of each question, you'll see your running total. You'll score more points the faster you can answer the questions!

Good Luck!

Lunchbox Challenge

How to play

The concept of the game is based on the Food Pyramid or the idea of eating a good selection of food types per day from each of the five main food groups.

  • Fat, High Fat/Sugar Snacks, Food & Drinks [very small amounts]
  • Meat, Fish, Eggs & Alternatives [Any 2 servings]
  • Milk, Cheese & Yoghurt [Any 3 servings]
  • Fruit & Vegetables [Any 5 servings]
  • Bread, Cereals & Potatoes [Any 6+ servings]

Nutritionists recommend eating a variety of foods from each of these categories to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. In the game, players have to collect enough food in the correct proportion from each of the five categories.

Visit the Safe Food website for more information on healthy eating.

Good Luck!