The Framework for Inquiry was developed by SFI facilitators and teachers working with science education specialists.

Schools and teachers can use the framework when planning and teaching topics from the Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE) curriculum.

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There are three key parts to the framework. Work through each section to create your own framework and reflect on your successes.


First, we prompt you to identify triggers that engage learners. This then allows you to move on to detail the 'wondering' and 'exploring' stages.


Next, it's time for the investigation to start. Learners are tasked with asking a question, making a prediction, conducting an investigation and interpreting results.

Take the next step

Finally, we look to extend our learners' knowledge and skills. We prompt them to do this by applying their learnings, making connections and taking thoughtful next steps.

This framework for inquiry can be applied to any topic. We have applied the framework to a range of different themes to illustrate how it can be used. Examples include:

Biodiversity Themed Framework for Inquiry

Space Themed Framework for Inquiry