Applications are invited from organisations interested in joining the SFI Discover Centres Network. If you have questions about the Discover Centres Network, email

The deadline for applications is 5pm on 15 March 2024.  To assist you in preparing your application view the Guide, which outlines the information you will need to provide when applying online.

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What is the Discover Centres Network?

The Discover Centres Network (DCN) offers accredited workshops for primary schools in the fields of science, technology, engineering, maths and space.

These programmes help schools engage in science education outside the classroom and provide opportunities for students to meet scientists and engineers from a range of disciplines.

Apply to join

When you apply to become a Discover Centre, you will need to provide details about the workshop you intend to launch for learners.

To help you prepare, we've added some key questions from the application form below.

  • Describe the workshop and the activities learners will take part in. These might include:
    • science experiments or activities
    • looking at exhibits or artefacts
    • play-based learning
    • using technology or maths
    • undertaking fieldwork
  • Outline the learning outcomes of your workshop. Learning outcomes should be short and clear, stating what learners will be able to do upon completion. Learning outcomes can be based on three areas of learning: knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Provide the workshop description you will use on your website. This should cover the following:
    • how to book
    • workshop group size
    • cost
    • if your centre caters for special need groups
    • how to find the centre
    • details on coach parking
    • on-site eating facilities
    • details of what schools should bring
    • suitable clothing
    • safety information

If you have any queries about the application process, email us at

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