Cloncannon Biofarm offers students from the opportunity to recognise ‘Science and Maths all around me’ on the Organic farm. The landform (Geography) features of mountain, rivers and hedgerows have links to the Science and Maths curriculum in Shape, Time, Formation, Change, Living Things and Interconnectivity. History (landscape and human) is evident in the ring fort, old creamery, old stone cottage and vintage machinery. The mathematics of change over time and the science of technological development is available to the student as they explore.

The Science and Maths of relationships and interdependence of living things in the various habitats can be gauged by the students as they use the senses to investigate connections. The organic garden also provides an excellent setting for further use of Maths and Science in growing healthy local food. An adventure in the natural surroundings of Cloncannon Biofarm stimulates many facets of understanding for the curious students. It will offer a new perspective on Maths and Science.

A group of people walking through a field towards a wooden farm house surrounded by fields and trees
A group of pigs in a field outside the wooden farm house