Tralee Bay Wetlands Centre is an interpretive and environmental learning centre set in the heart of Tralee on a stunning 9 hectare site adjacent to the beautiful Tralee Bay Nature Reserve.

The Bay is a designated Natura2000 site and a Ramsar wetland of international importance, and is of considerable ecological and conservational significance due to the great diversity of habitats there.

The centre was built with the aim of promoting and raising awareness of biodiversity and natural heritage, and offers a range of courses encouraging children to learn about their environment in a hands-on and interactive way.

Our Nature Day and Water and Wetland programmes allow children to explore biodiversity and our precious water resources through activities such as pond-dipping, birdwatching, pootering and mammal trapping.

The class is again a mixture of hands-on indoor and outdoor activities and observation. Our school tour programme offers the same range of activities as the Nature Day programme, with a mix of game activities on land and water thrown in for good measure.