Global Action Plan Ireland is an environmental organisation with the mission to support sustainable communities across Ireland. We provide targeted support to communities, schools and businesses, to encourage smart and effective citizen solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises.

We run a wide variety of school workshops that are participatory, engaging, and action-focussed. We raise awareness in an age-appropriate, relevant, interactive, and positive way, and support students to develop knowledge and skills that help them take action at school and at home to tackle the social and environmental challenges they encounter.

Why not visit GLAS community garden, our DPSM accredited Green Living and Sustainability centre in Ballymun?

BUDDING BIODIVERSITY: (1st – 6th class)

“Budding Biodiversity” is an experiential workshop which explores the concepts of ‘ecosystem’ ‘interdependence’ and ‘biodiversity’ through fun activities, plant and invertebrate identification games, and practical challenges which reinforce scientific inquiry and group problem solving.

This workshop is hands-on from the start. Rolling up their sleeves, students will learn about the importance of our native wild plants and invertebrates and how to identify them, set out on a bug hunt, and explore the garden’s unique features, such as our wormery, compost heap, pond and upcycled bottle house. (Appropriate outdoor clothing required).

Older students can also develop citizen science skills by partaking in a Bio-Blitz and cataloguing garden species on the National Biodiversity Database. Finally, students and teachers are supported to take action to increase the biodiversity of their gardens with a range of practical suggestions.

GAP also run a range of workshops exploring maths and SESE themes using the framework for inquiry. Themes include Water, Waste, Energy. All of our workshops include a design element and facilitate the development of active exploration and inquiry skills.

GAP can deliver all of our workshops in schools, GLAS garden in Ballymun, or online. Available nationwide. Check out our website or more information, or to book a visit.

Workshops are suitable for primary level students from 1st to 6th Class and students at the junior and TY stages of secondary level. Learning outcomes are adapted to respond to the age and interests of the students.

€200 for 1 workshop, €275 for 2, €350 for 3. We offer discounted rates for DEIS schools.

GLAS community gardens holding many different types of plants