The subject of flight has fascinated mankind for thousands of years, and it can be said that the development of the aircraft has made huge impact on our world in social and economic terms. In just over one hundred years man has gone from rudimentary flight to landing on the moon. Aerospace has been at the cutting edge of technology and is a wonderful springboard for STEM subjects, capturing children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder.

At Shannon Aviation Museum, children discover the science behind flight. Starting with the students' own understanding about the natural world of flight, the centre has developed a range of workshops for 3rd – 6th class students that are exciting, engaging and fun. The workshops encourage children to learn through their own experience, everyone gets an opportunity to test out the theory with a thrilling flight in an aerobatic airplane as pilot in command (simulated) This enhances their learning experience and may possibly spark an interest in the world of Aerospace.

To complete the aviation experience there’s a cool interactive guided tour of the Aviation Museum, a volunteer is chosen to act as chief flight attendant to demonstrate a life vest, then it’s time to tour the Museum to see examples of Aerospace Engineering like an Aircraft Carrier Jet, Engines and lots more.

Child toy planes sitting on a fake runway with old aircrafts in the background