In Brief

The Challenge

This project addresses the challenges of climate change by providing small-scale horticulture/tillage farmers with a digital platform to assess their carbon footprint and come up with smart farming action plans to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and become more climate resilient. By involving communities in the co-creation of this digital tool, we can raise awareness of the climate crisis and sustainable approaches can be adopted. This will have a positive impact on the environment, economy and social aspects of the farms, as it will reduce food losses, create economic incentives and lead to more sustainable farming practices. 

The Solution

Our solution addresses the challenge by providing a deeper understanding of the farm management and future impacts on social, economic and environment aspects (GHG emissions) through a collaborative engagement with farmers, stakeholders and local communities. It will also provide economic incentives and reduce supply chain induced GHG emissions. The digital twin will also enable the timely phasing in of sustainable and climate-friendly farming practices, enabling farmers to better understand their farms' environmental and economic performance. 

The Team

  • Team Lead: Dr Salem Gharbia, Atlantic Technological University   
  • Team Co-Lead: Dr Iulia Anton, Atlantic Technological University  

Societal Impact Champion

  • Pete Murtagh, Sligo County Council