Analysis of the SFI Review Process

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) has been analysing data on application success rates by gender. This has allowed us to monitor the effectiveness of our gender redressing initiatives and examine gender balance across SFI’s portfolio of research awards. In support of SFI’s commitment to the transparency of its review processes, we present 2 interactive dashboards representing analyses of gender disaggregated data across a cohort SFI Funding Programmes from 2011.  A full data description can be found in the data summary.

The analysis contains 2 dashboards below. The SFI Gender Dashboard which includes the number of applications and awards granted, success rates and average award amount by gender, and the Funding Analysis Dashboard which shows the average total amount requested in applications and the average award amount, by gender.

To navigate each dashboard, please select the year and / or programme from the options on the right-hand side.  To directly compare different programmes on the SFI Gender Dashboard, please choose from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the dashboard. To cancel all filters, please click the reset button on the right-hand side of the dashboard.

The data presented as part of the SFI Gender Dashboard is available to use free of charge and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) Licence. Please refer to the data summary for a full description of these data.

SFI Gender Redressing Initiatives

  • These data highlight the need to extend gender redressing initiatives to other SFI funding programmes
  • In response, the upcoming SFI Frontiers for the Future programme will provide additional opportunities for excellent female researchers to secure funding
  • SFI is aware that there have been a low number of applications from female candidates to the SFI Research Professorship programme
  • In response, we have therefore introduced an initiative whereby one of the next two successful Expressions of Interest (i.e., approved by SFI) from each institution must be from a female candidate.  This EOI application must be followed up with the submission of a Full Proposal
  • SFI appreciates that there is gender imbalance within some SFI Research Centres, particularly in leadership role
  • In order to improve the gender balance across research centres, applicants to the SFI Centres for Research Training and the SFI Research Centres (2013) Phase 2 programmes are required to develop a Gender Action Plan
  • This plan requires that targets are set, at all levels of the team for each year of the award, in order to achieve gender balance
  • The plan will be assessed as part of the review process, during progress reviews and progress will be monitored by on an SFI annual basis
  • Furthermore, Phase 2 awardees and all SFI Research Centres will be required to set targets against a Gender key performance indicator, which will be assessed on a 6-monthly basis