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Cúram’s medical devices programme will see 31 postdoctoral fellowships granted over four years

National University of Ireland Galway has come first in class in winning a €2.1 million grant from the EU – ahead of 71 other competitors – to develop a research programme in medical devices.

The SFI Research Centre – Cúram, research centre for medical devices, developed the programme which will see 31 two-year postdoctoral fellowships granted over the next four years.

Known as “MedTrain”, it gives researchers a chance to develop their entrepreneurial side in bringing discoveries out of the lab and into commercial products. The fellowships include industrial participation, allowing a real prospect of the research reaching the market.

The fellow is allowed to choose their research topic, provided it falls within the remit of Cúram, and also the company that will co-host them during the two-year programme.

This was an ideal programme for anyone wishing to “diversify their skill set”, said Professor Abhay Pandit, scientific director of Cúram at NUI Galway.