The SFI ERC Support Programme provides an additional overhead payment to the Host Institution of ERC award winners, which is designed to assist awardees, who may either have won their ERC award while working at an Irish Host Institution or who may have recently been recruited to an Irish Host Institution from overseas, to successfully carry out their ERC-funded research.

The aims of the SFI ERC Support Programme are:

  • To enhance the benefits of applying to ERC schemes for institutions and applicants
  • To increase the participation of Ireland-based researchers in all ERC schemes
  • To provide greater institutional support for Ireland-based ERC awardees
  • To increase Ireland’s success rate across all ERC schemes
  • To help recruit excellent ERC-funded researchers to Irish Host Institutions

The applicant

  • The applicant must be an appointed senior representative (e.g., Dean, Vice President for Research, etc.) of the Research Office of an institution hosting the research programme of an ERC awardee who is either already based at their own institution or who can demonstrate that they have officially transferred, or will officially transfer, their ERC award to an Irish Host Institution.
  • The corresponding ERC awardee must have been successful in either the ERC Starting GrantERC Consolidator GrantERC Advanced Grant or ERC Synergy Grant schemes.
  • The corresponding ERC awardee must have submitted their proposal to one of the ERC panels that are listed as being part of the Physical Sciences and Engineering (PE) domain or the Life Sciences (LS) domain. Applications associated with awardees who applied to a panel within the Social Sciences and Humanities (SH) domain are not eligible through this call, even where a secondary panel was selected in either the PE or LS domains.
  • The theme of the research proposal that resulted in the corresponding ERC award must be aligned with SFI’s legal remit.



Support available through the SFI ERC Support Programme is dependent upon whether the ERC awardee associated with the application was successful in winning their award while already based in an Irish Host Institution or whether they will be transferring their ERC award from another country to Ireland:

  • ERC award (2015 call or later) with an Irish Host Institution: €150,000, regardless of ERC scheme.
  • ERC awardee (from any year) recruited to work in an Irish Host Institution: The award may depend on the time remaining on the ERC award and will depend on the type of ERC award held, as follows:
  • ERC Starting Grant: up to €500,000
  • ERC Consolidator Grant: up to €750,000
  • ERC Advanced Grant: up to €1,000,000
  • ERC Synergy Grant: case-by-case basis

The award will consist of an indirect or overhead contribution to the host research body. Where an application is made to this call that is associated with an ERC awardee that has either been recruited to Ireland following a successful application to the SFI Research Professorship programme or the SFI Future Research Leaders programme, or has an application under review to either of these programmes, the maximum award that may be requested is €150,000.


This programme will run as a rolling call for applications. Where the ERC award was associated with any Irish Host Institution, applications to this Programme should be received no later than six months after the date that has been agreed with the ERC for the commencement of the award. An alternative situation exists where an ERC awardee has been recruited to Ireland. In this situation, an application to this Programme may be submitted after the arrangements for relocation have been agreed (evidence of these arrangement is mandatory).


SFI ERC Support Programme Call Document

Further Information

For all queries, please contact erc@sfi.ie