European Research Area Networks (ERA-Nets) are networks of public research organisations that coordinate joint research activities in research areas which are of significant strategic value and relevance to the EU. ERA-Nets are initiated by ERA-Net calls in the Horizon 2020 work programme to which consortia of research funding agencies (ERA-Net consortia) submit ERA-Net proposals.  If approved by the Commission, the ERA-Net consortium forms an ERA-Net which runs joint transnational calls and other transnational activities.  The first joint call run by an ERA-Net is 33% co-funded by the European Commission. 

Science Foundation Ireland are aiming to participate in the following upcoming Horizon 2020 ERA-Nets:

The applications are currently being submitted to the European Commission through the associated consortia (see below). More details to follow shortly.

For more information relating to Science Foundation Ireland support for ERA-NET engagement please contact




Topics as per work programme 2016-2017



ERANet on Nanomedicine


EuroNanomed III




Call Launched 14th November 2016



ERANet on Research on Materials, Science & Engineering, Including International Cooperation



Regarding the proposed M.ERA-Net II 2017 call, SFI have yet to make a decision to participate 




Material sciences and engineering


Call launched 15th March 2016




FET ERANET Cofund in Quantum Technologies









Quantum technologies


Call launched on 13th January 2017



ERANet A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life:

Biomarkers for Nutrition and Health




Development and validation of biomarkers

For nutrition and health


Call launched on 16 February 2016

Pre-proposal deadline 19 April 2016


JPND-Pathways Analysis across Neurodegenerative Diseases



JPI-Neurodegenerative Disease Research


Neurodegeneration and links across other diseases


Call launched on 9th of January 2017

Centres of excellence in Neurodegeneration path finder II CoEN Path finder II Neodegeneration

Call Launched 22nd june 2017