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Sligo Science Fair at IT Sligo

Sunday, 11 November 2018, 12 – 5pm

Family event explaining science in a fun wa!

The Annual Science Fair at IT Sligo will include a wide range of performances, interactive displays and demonstrations for all the family to enjoy. Experiments, Discovery and lots of fun guaranteed for both children and adults.

32 events in one day – 6 Shows, 14 Displays and 11 Interactive workshops including Abbvie’s ‘When I Grow Up’ interactive event with Special Guest Dr Nora Pattern, astronaut in training and native of Ballina, Co Mayo.

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Alexandra Jamieson Domestic cats In Ireland - An Ancient DNA study

Room A0005 IT Sligo, Monday, 12 November, 6.30pm

Cats are one of the most popular pets in Ireland today, yet we know very little about how and when they got here. What we do know is the domestic cat spread across Europe starting in the Neolithic, with an increase in intensity around the Roman period and then again in the Medieval period with maritime transport. What is unknown is how and when they arrived to Ireland. This talk will go into exploring how DNA can help us understand more about their arrival.

Alex is a PhD researcher at the University of Oxford. She works on ancient DNA in the field of Archaeology. Her current research is looking at animals which have been moved around by people. 

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CSI Experience with Kieran O'Brien and Jim Gallagher

Room B3201 IT Sligo, Thursday, 15 November 2018, 9am – 4pm

The CSI Experience is an informative/educational hands on practical activity, presented by 2 retired Police Crime Scene investigators with over 50 years experience between them. Participants will receive a wide variety of information on different aspects of CSI and will themselves take fingerprints, examine items for fingermarks and also develop shoe marks and recover them with gel lifters.

All equipment will be supplied.

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Sligo Science Festival 2018 is a week of events, lectures, workshops and displays to educate, entertain and enlighten people of all ages. 

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